NewAUT’s quiz

my quiz

Essay homework 2

Essay homework

Do your homework!

Error correction #1 (Economics)

Binge quiz (matrix matching not working)

Business and economic vocabulary quiz 1 (John Mellor)

Choose one answer only to complete each sentence.

Crowd quiz (tri matriciel) (matching)

Curate quiz

Error recognition #1: QE

Grammar test 1

Job seeker’s quiz

Migrants quiz

Match the expressions with their definitions.

New Posh

Phrasal verb in out on off (Denny Packard)

Posh quiz (matrix sorting)

Predictions quiz (single choice true/false)


Showdown (cloze)

Test quiz one (Pitt)

Toefl ITP Error recognition (Structure and writing part 2)

Toefl ITP reading railroad

Toeic 1 Listening comprehension (photographs)

Verb conjugation quiz 1 (John Mellor)

Toeic 1 Listening comprehension (photographs)

Listening Comprehension

Part 1: Photographs

You will see a photograph and an audio player.
Play the audio : you will hear four statements : A, B, C and D.
Select the statement that most closely matches the photo, then go to the next question.
(NB In the real Toeic, you will have 10 questions, following in quick succession.)

Listening Comprehension (photographs)

stucon quiz

Verb conjugation quiz 1 (JM)

Well well